Stonecast is a unique small business started in 1998  by two partners, Martine Laporta and Mario Graziani and a semi-skilled labour force. Martine, a Fine Art  Sculpture graduate and designer is also an experienced mould maker and restorer whilst Mario who is a BA Law graduate has extensive experience  (20 years) in specialized precast concrete casting.

At StoneCast , our focus is on Individual Need, and so each item manufactured is treated as unique. We manufacture a very wide variety of products including pots, planters, bowls , water features, benches, fireplaces, custom pavers, signage , sanitaryware and furniture. We specialize in custom architectural casting  and mould making, made to client specification.

Our Stonecast Sanitaryware range consists of  counter-top Stonecast basins guaranteed not to crack with hot water, the Bathsheeba; a freestanding Stone Bath and Stonecast Shower Trays. Our pure, South African, recipe for our temperature resistant concrete basins was formulated by cementitious chemist Greg Dunn. After 12 years of successful trials we are proud to say that our products will last. We are also able to manufacture baths, basins and showertrays made up to client specification and are continually developing new shapes and techniques to satisfy current trends and desires.

All our shapes are originally formed at our workshop in Observatory. We make our moulds in steel, silicone or fibreglass.  Both partners have  background experience in restoration of buildings, set-building and prop-making in the film industry, mould-making and model-building. We are confident that our products are unique and are of superior quality and design.

Although we can produce many items from each mould, we feel that the only ‘mass production’ coming from StoneCast is the heavyness of our product. We embrace this ‘mass’ a stand against an environment where wind, vandalism, and theft are rife, but where permanence and elegance are desirable. We are, however, also able to manufacture our products using lightweight polymer Stone materials,  should excessive weight be an issue. This option is more expensive due to skilled labour and expensive raw material costs, but is often more cost effective if expensive cranes are need to install the heavy concrete option. The fibreglass planters have a cut -sandstone finish that closely resembles their concrete counterpart.

Each shape and form that we manufacture can work as an individual item or work in combination with other forms. This applies especially with regard to water features where different Stonecast components can combine to create unique, interesting waterfeatures specific to the client’s requirements. We do not stock “off-the-shelf” waterfeatures but we do assist the client with a selection of options available to suit all their waterfeature requirements. Unfortunately, we do not build waterfeatures on site , but rather the components are precast and then assembled, installed and tested on site.

Our philosophy at StoneCast is simply to create a beautifully designed and well-made product that will embellish and enhance their surroundings for many years to come.