Custom Spa Bath in Natural Sandstone White.
The Todd Spa Bath is a freestanding stone composite jaccuzzi that we custom made for our client who wanted an alternative to the standard wooden panelling usually associated with jaccuzzis.
The dimensions of this outside feature are 1.5 diam x 500 high. The dimensions can be adapted according to design and taste as this product is made to order. The bath is hollow-walled, allowing us to route all the piping for the jaccuzzi jets, unseen, within the walls. The hollow space is filled with polyurethane foam to secure the piping but more importantly it acts as insulation to keep the water hotter for longer. Both the inside and the outside of the bath are sealed with a high quality UV sealer to protect the surface from the harsh sea-side climate, and also prevents staining and facilitates cleaning.

Product code: B003
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