Custom Water Feature. Adapted Nightingale & Zen Dynasty with Plinths. N023, L019, SF054
Before ordering your new water feature, please note the following:

1. An electrical power point must be available in close proximity to the water feature for the pump to function. Considering that we are not certified electricians we unfortunately cannot undertake the re-routing of power points or the like. When connecting up the pump we need to just plug it in.

2. The pump is guaranteed by the supplier only. Should problems arise, the pump may be brought to Stonecast and we shall return it for repair or replacement on behalf of the client. Should the client require Stonecast to remove the pump, a call out fee of R600.00 per hour will be charged (min 1 hr). This applies after one month from installation date.

3. Water from the water feature may be lost through evaporation, wind, leaks etc. The pond must be topped up regularly. It is vital that the pump is always submerged in water when operating.

4. Top up with river or spring water during water restrictions & avoid using tap water.

5. The quote does not include pebbles or plants or underwater lights.

6. A water feature that does not contain aquatic life may be kept clear with small amounts of chlorine or jik added twice a month. Too much chlorine may soften the electrical cord and cause a short circuit.

7. The pump should only be switched off when it is windy and when the water-feature needs to be cleaned.
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