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Our extensive range of products are made from reconstituted stone, which is in fact a blend of the highest quality cementitious raw materials and refined aggregates. Together with our unique forms and shapes we are able to provide you with a classic and yet simple design that will compliment and enhance your home and garden.

Our range of stone hand-wash basins have been formulated to withstand boiling water and our deep-penetrating sealer prevents staining of the bowl and facilitates easy cleaning. The water-repellent solution that we coat the raw basins with prior to their sealing, will prevent any absorbtion by the stone of water and hence staining.

The outer side of the basins are left in a raw state intentionally to enhance the contrast of colour and texture of the stone. The basins are placed on top of the vanity where the natural contrasts of the stone are more visible, thus embracing current trends in contemporary design to emulate Nature in all her subtle tones.

There are no overflow holes in the original stone basins.

Our extensive range of pots, planters and water-feature components are cast solid and are structurally reinforced to withstand root and soil pressure. We use original designs and moulds to create our own unique style by concentrating on simplicity of line, elegance of form and ideal proportion in all our products. We manufacture our own fiberglass, silicone rubber and or steel moulds in order to best produce a selective quantity of pots, bowls and planters that can interact with each other and in their environment with integrity that is harmonious and graceful.

Because we are the designers and manufacturers of our own products, we are able to offer a variety of colours and finishes for our pots and planters and we are also able to adapt our existing range in order to accommodate the personal needs and reqirements of our clients.


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