At StoneCast we have a large range of round and quadrangular  pots and planters to suit  almost every need. Although we focus mainly on contemporary  design , we also have a few items that would suit a more neo-classic aesthetic.

A contemporary design feature is the four-side planter or what we call our QUAD PLANTERS. We have a range of different sizes that will cater for most needs , but we also manufacture to client specification should a specific dimension be required.

Concrete by nature is heavy in weight  ,  so when weight is an issue,  we can manufacture the same product in Lightweight Fibreglass with a cut sandstone finish. This is a more costly alternative, but the planters replicate their concrete counterparts in every way except weight.  The  delivery  and installation is also  a negligible cost  compared to the  delivery and installation of the  heavy concrete versions.

Concrete planters require a wall thickness of minimum 50mm to maintain its structural integrity and prevent cracking under root and soil pressure.

All our planters are steel reinforced and the drainage holes are supplied.

Drip trays are not automatically included in our quotes, but we do manufacture them on request.


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