Sandstone Sculpture

The restoration of stone sculptures is Stonecast owner Martine Laporta’s favourite past time. Over the years  she has restored many sculptures in many different types of stone. An ancient Ganesh sculpture from India, the stone columns and tiles at the Supreme court in Cape Town and the religious statues at St Joseph’s College/Marist Brothers School in Rondebosch are to name but a few. She  uses contemporary materials that will best suit the repair and restoration process and then marries the final finish to match the rest of the piece so that breakages and chips are no longer evident. If the sculpture is broken in pieces then structural repairs are always carried out.

It is difficult to predict how long a repair and restoration process will take, so an estimation is given as an initial guide line at an hourly rate. If the sculpture can be brought in and  restored at our workshop then this considerably reduces the cost as we would not charge for  the time spent waiting for adhesives to set etc.

Martine also restores ceramic ware and ceramic sculpture.

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